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Guildford council passes Plastic Free motion!

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Last night (23rd July) councillors at Guildford Borough Council voted unanimously to pass a Plastic Free motion which commits the council to reduce and eliminate plastics in its own operations as well as to encourage businesses in Guildford to do the same.

This is a fantastic start to our campaign for Guildford borough to become an official Plastic Free Community and with council backing our campaign should make great progress quickly.

A big thank you to all the councillors who voted for the motion, and especially to Cllr George Potter (Lib Dem) and Cllr Diana Jones (Green) who proposed the motion.

It was also really encouraging to hear about the steps the council is already taking to go plastic free - such as getting rid of plastic milk bottles in fridges across their offices and buying milk in bulk to distribute it in reusable containers instead.

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